Below is a limited CV. You can find additional credits here. Looking forward to working with you.

INC MAGAZINE: "HOW I DID IT" SERIES (Online Video, 2016-17; Contributing Director, Editor) - New York, New York

THINX: INTERSECTION 2016 (VR; 2016; Director, Producer, Editor) - Brooklyn, New York

BICHKRAFT LIVE (VR; 2016; Director, Producer, Camera, Editor) - Brooklyn, New York

IKE AT NIGHT (VR; 2016; Director, Producer, Camera, Editor) - Brooklyn, New York

SKY SPACE SIMULACRUM (VR; 2016; Director, Editor) - Brooklyn, New York

ZION MTN SCHOOL (VR; 2016; Director, Producer, Camera, Editor) - Zion National Park, Utah

PRIDE CAMP 360VR (VR; 2016; Director, Producer, Camera, Editor) - Orem, Utah

DREAMLAND (Feature Film; 2016; Unit Production Manager) - Los Angeles, California

SSB UNIVERSITY (Educational Library; 2015-2016; Producer, Cinematographer, Editor) - Brooklyn, New York

DEAD BODY (Feature Film; 2016; Producer, Co-Writer, Editor) - Seattle, Washington

LA TROCHA (18 minutes; 2014; producer, director, cinematographer, editor) - Platanares, Panama

GATORADE NEED STATES (10 minutes; 2012; producer) - Australia, Brazil, Mexico, UK