La Trocha

The winter in North America is the dry season in Panama. For Wounaan communities on the Pacific Coast of Panama’s Darien, the dry season means a high-stakes conflict with illegal loggers invading their land and stripping their forests. The 2012 logging season was the worst in history for the three Wounaan communities of Rio Hondo, Platanares and Maje. Hundreds of acres of pristine tropical forest were lost, rivers were destroyed, downstream communities starved and violent conflict left the leader of Platanares dead.


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How I Made It - John Burke CEO of Trek

How a Biking Enthusiast Turned His Dad's Bike Company Into a $1 Billion Business.

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Dead Body - Official Trailer

Nine Friends. One Cabin. No Witnesses. 


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Look Closer: Across America | A&E

Behind every stranger is a person, and we each have a story to tell. Join A&E and spoken word poet, IN-Q, on a cross-country journey to look closer at real moments and people, as they share their perspectives on what we should take a moment to look closer at.

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This Time

The grief a parent feels as they helplessly watch their child suffer from a Chiari and the overwhelming shame they feel as they seek to dull the pain.

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The Dinner Table

Written and Directed by Nathan Williams

Produced by Ian Bell